India emission free in 2050?
/ October 24, 2017

India suffers a lot when it comes to electricity. People go through mass shortage of electricity in the summer season. The power cuts can last up to as long as 18 hours a day. The recent year i.e. 2017 witnessed some of the crucial power cuts in the metro cities especially in Delhi and Mumbai where power cuts were as long as 16 to 18 hours per day. Small cities like Rajpura in Punjab also witnessed a similar situation. The heat is so much that sometimes even the power grids fail and burn under the wrath of the sun which means even longer power cuts until the grid repairs.


So when we have such an abundant supply of sunlight why not use this to compensate the loss caused by electricity generated from coals. The major problem in India is that coal is the premium and prime source of generating electricity. Coal is expensive and coal is not only used for India to generate its electricity but also it is exported which often sums up for losing power in the country itself.


According to the recent study conducted by Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT (Finland) it is believed that India can go emission free by 2050 if it sources itself to renewable energies of sun and wind. One of the prominent scientist working in the university Pasi Vanikka says that developing countries like India shouldn’t be using the same methods like that of the developed countries. They should learn to utilize the sources best at hand and conform to it for their better future.

The only drawback that India might suffer for using solar energy is during the monsoon soon. But that too can overcome if the strategy is made in such a way that by regular usage of solar energy by the neighboring regions can help supply electricity through wires to the affected regions. With this you can have electricity supply all seasons.


According to Professor Christian Breyer people play an important role in bringing about this mission to reality. The PV consumers i.e. those who use photovoltaic technology aka solar energy in their homes, offices, commercial area, public places etc. will contribute in making India a fully functional unit when comes to electricity in a renewable form. People are advised to use solar panels at their houses, offices to get maximum benefits and generate electricity in an eco-friendly way. This will also conform to the fact that lot of pre mature deaths that occurs due deteriorating air quality can be greatly reduced according to Ashish Gulagi. To generate electricity from coal creates a lot of air pollution emitting harmful gases into the air. If we use renewable energies this can be completely eradicated.


It is believed that if renewable sources of energy i.e. of sun and wind can greatly help India in generating 6200 million MWh in 2050 which is much higher than the present 1720 million MWh according to the study conducted at Lappeenranta University of Technology.


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